Im currently travelling around Bali with my Mumma, and whilst doing so i’ve been teaching her how to use my camera and how to frame a picture , she’s a natural at it!

Today we explored our beautiful villa in Sanur, which is right next to the beach. Later in the day we went to Seminyak to wander though the shops. It was our first day to get a good feel of this beautiful place!

a few highlights of our day include…

  • On our way home the taxi driver couldn’t find our hotel , so we were lost for a good 30 mins.

  • I had THE BEST tasting lassi, It was called “Pink Panther” and was a beautiful Fuchsia colour, made from the Dragon fruit colouring. INSPIRATION ALERT!

  • We had our first massage of the trip in this peaceful spa called “Cool” the interior was this stunning light blue colour.



When two creative forces join what do you get? a fresh new piece slapped against a wall amongst some of the greatest street art in Sydney.

After countless brainstorming sessions RJ finally pulled the trigger and picked a date to make this collaboration happen, and I’m so happy he did.

RJ has become a dear friend to me, and along with that comes his heart of gold. He’s got the brains and a burning passion to cut through all the bullshit of this modern world, and thats what makes him un-forgivingly him. That’s what I like about RJ, a person who truly lives in the most finite state of who they are, and is happy to openly express his love for all things that are important to him and at the same time, to not giving a fuck about things that he doesn’t resonate with. His vibe is infectious and I can’t help smile whilst learning new things when he’s around.

I have so much love for this creative soul. <3

ET0A5138 2.jpg
ET0A5111 copy.jpg


If you know me you would know that nothing makes me happier than the man who was, Freddie Mercury. Theres so much about him that I resonate with, and when I think about it I think it’s this unspoken passion that I feel in every note he sings.

I believe there a singers that can perfectly hit all the right notes, all at the right times and make a pleasant sounding song, but then there are MUSICAL ARTISTS that put every bit of their personality in their voice that tell you exactly what they want from you, your engagement. It’s almost a demand to gain your attention to make you listen to what they’re saying. 

What I respect in all forms of art and creation, is passion. Passion for what they love, and the need for the artist to show people what they’re good at. I wouldn’t call it trying to find “validation” from their audience, (is being human, sure there might be some of that, ) but I was thinking something more along the lines of “showing their audience how much of what they do is who they are” I’ll repeat that...

who they are.

I couldn’t be more happier to currently be working on this commissioned piece I’m doing for a client. It was a snap shot of Freddie dressed in drag for the music video of one of Queens smash hits “I Want to Break Free.

AfterlightImage 3.JPG
AfterlightImage 5.JPG
AfterlightImage 7.JPG
AfterlightImage 6.JPG


In my practise, abstraction is an unexplored territory. In most cases when I paint, I love to mimic what I see, as it is, in its true form. The thought process of breaking images and concepts down is something that I’m wanting to explore and exercise. I love the idea that less is more which leads to finding ways of getting to that finite state of perfect harmony between all variables on the canvas.This is something that I am constantly striving towards.

This is a series of commissioned pieces I’m currently painting for a corporate company based in Parramatta called PCW. The brief for this series was the “skyline of Parramatta”, my home town.